Sunday, December 18, 2011

BIR Forn No. 2550M UserFriendly

BIR Form No. 2550M - Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration  

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This return/declaration shall be filed in triplicate by the following taxpayers;
1.      A VAT-registered person; and
2.      A person required to register as a VAT taxpayer but failed to register.
This return/declaration must be filed by the aforementioned taxpayers for as long as the VAT registration has not yet been cancelled, even if there is no taxable transaction during the month or the aggregate sales/receipts for any 12-month period did not exceed the P1,500,000.00 threshold.
You can download the BIR version and instruction at

The worksheet for page1 is protected but without password.  You cannot select cells that are locked for protection like those with calculations and other unused cells. The purpose is to prevent accidental deletion of cells with calculations.  At the right side of the form are unprotected cells with outside border. The purpose of which is to serve as a calculator.  Included of course in unprotected cells are cells or items that require user’s input.  To unprotect the worksheet/s, on the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Unprotect Sheet

Likewise, the column and row headers are not shown.  To show/hide the column and row headers go to Office Button > Excel Options > Advanced, under the Display options for this worksheet, check or uncheck the Show row and column headers checkbox.

I didn’t put so much formula in page2, only the totals.  I didn’t practice tax for the last 4 years so I’m not sure with the proper calculations with those items in page 2.  Of course I have an idea but I prefer to leave it to the VAT experts.  Page 2 worksheet is not protected.

Kindly review every details of this form and If you noticed any error please let me know by writing in the comment section as provided hereinafter or email me at  Thank you very much for your time and I hope I missed nothing.

A dialog box will pop-up with the following warning:
The workbook cannot be opened because it contains the following features that cannot be displayed in the browser:
Just click cancel, at skydrive window, right click the file and download. 

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